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Post Date: August 10th, 2015

URGENT ALERT: Our Partners Who Trade Options In The S&P500 Just Warned Us About A Possible Stock Market Crash!

Normally we only alert you on penny stocks but we are told that this is HUGE and could impact all the markets.  The time period of greatest concern is the 3rd and 4th week of August, 2015 with the 24th of August being the most likely date for the crash.  This is based on intensive research by our partner who specializes in this area.  Their Technical Analysis forecasts a MAJOR DROP coming… again with the 24th as the key date.  Please take this warning seriously as our partner has an incredible accuracy rating.


Post Date: August 30th, 2015

WOW… Incredible Call

Our partner has now informed us that the selling isn’t over with yet.  We are just in a bounce mode now and it should end this first week of September and another drop is very likely coming after this Labor Day, which is the 2nd week of September.  This should take us to a lower low by the 3rd week, with the critical level to hold is around 1813 on ES Futures.  If that fails then we should drop another 150 points.


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ZEN or Zenyata on the Canadian Exchange.  We urgently alerted our friends and subscribers to this one at the lows of .15, 20 and .30 cents citing the fact that this was the premiere new Graphine discovery in North America.  Many listened and they booked enormous profits.  Up over as much as 1240% for some.  Truly a big one.

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GRV: Gold Reach.   This was a funny pick.  We alerted many to this via alerts and emails, but it just didn’t want to budge, trading in a narrow range for months. But  once again, we were rewarded with huge profits of over 400% potentially.

One of our largest Winners was OGNG that had a whopping 1400% move up for early buyers!

OGNG: Bravo Enterprises.  This was a shell company that demonstrated the type of accumulation that almost always results in huge moves, and sudden ones. Sure enough, not long after our alert the stock went from our alert price of .015 to over .25 cents.  A humungous, sudden, satisfying move for our member’s. Over 1100%!

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